Between the concrete: Hidden greenery in North Dago & Curug Dago / Dago Waterfall| Bandung walks and hikes

Bandung city, the West Javan behemoth in all its grey and congested glory, has some surprising back streets that make for an interesting afternoon trip. I had some free time in the afternoon that day with no uni or internship work to be done. I just moved to Bandung at the time so, what better way to spend a lazy afternoon exploring your own neighbourhood?


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Gunung Batu | Bandung walks and hikes

I love squeezing in small bursts of exercise when I can, and especially so when I’ve been sitting on my ass for 40+ hours on a combination internship / exchange program research binge.

Gunung Batu in Bandung’s northern border is an interesting one. Often shadowed (pun intended) by local big boi Tangkuban Perahu, Gunung Batu is reserved for the locals. The hilly Lembang region of north Bandung in general is super lovely, and blessed with a little bit more altitude for some sweet nippiness. A very short drive from the big smoke and an equally breathtaking / cheesy Indonesian sunrise view, complete with a flag?  Run from the urban blues here.


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Send Noods: Malaysia and its endless noodle dishes

This is part photogallery, part informative reading, but mostly me looking back at how good we’ve been eating this trip. Malaysia has an impressive array of noodle dishes, but what’s even more impressive is how consistent they all are in tastiness through our trip down the peninsula (so far anyway, we haven’t been to East Malaysia yet). Noodles aren’t just noodles here, with a variety of taste and textures that can be paired and married with any sort of dishes. From the chewy, thick strands found in eggy, udon-like hokkien mee, to the extremely versatile kuay teow that can be used in both wok-fried and soup-based dishes. Malaysia has really opened up my soul (and my stomach) to the big, colourful, noodley-doodley world. This is a list of what I’ve eaten so far, that I’ve remembered to take pics of. I’m not entirely sure I remember where most of these eateries are located so I won’t write them down in case they’re wrong, but please feel free to comment if you reallllly wanna know 🙂

2017-12-13 11.42.35 1.jpg

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Where to get film in Penang, Malaysia: Chai Diam Ma at Hin Bus Depot

Kuala Lumpur’s film lover extraordinaire Bang Bang Geng @ Publika Shopping Gallery, in their mission to spread and relight the fire that is analogue photography, has unveiled a new agent within the faraway corners of Penang Island this past August.

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Langkawi, Malaysia: Mother Nature’s Top Five

I love blues and greens, and I love them even more natural. Welcome to Langkawi, and try not to fall in love too deep you get stuck.

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